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Using TortoiseCVS to Access dotProject and dotMods

Facilitator: Karen Chisholm
Facilitator: Adam Donnison

This is a very short course that briefly outlines how to use the TortoiseCVS tool to access the dotProject and dotMods CVS on Sourceforge.

This module is free to all with our compliments, however, you should be aware that we are not necessarily planning on keeping the information contained exactly in sink with any TortoiseCVS releases.

Please note - TortoiseCVS is not affiliated with dotProject in anyway and if you have any specific questions regarding TortoiseCVS you should refer them to that product's support pages.

Permissions System in dotProject v2.0

Facilitator: Karen Chisholm
Facilitator: Adam Donnison

This course discusses the use and management of the dotProject Permissions system which is completely new in version 2.0.

Price for unlimited access per user - $10.00

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