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Installing dotProject - Version 2.0

Facilitator: Adam Donnison
Facilitator: Karen Chisholm

This courseware modules goes through the process involved in installing dotProject version 2.x - either as a brand new installation or as an upgrade from an existing 1.0.x installation.

This module is available free to all users of dotProject with our compliments and includes the following topics:

We have assumed that you already have Apache, PHP and mySQL installed and configured on your system as all of those pre-requisite packages are outside direct dotProject control. This course provides you with details on what, if anything, needs to be modified in the configuration of those packages in order for dotProject to function.

Troubleshooting and Performance Improvement - dotProject v2.0

Facilitator: Karen Chisholm
Facilitator: Adam Donnison

This is a free course - open to all users including those logged in anonomously as "guest".

This course covers the basics in how to troubleshoot any problems you have encountered during your dotProject installation. The basic terminology and references of this course will adhere to the Linux standard - Windows users, please adjust to suit your own requirements.

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