dotProject / Eventum Integration: Add-On Module / Out of Date - see course summary

Facilitator: Adam Donnison
Facilitator: Karen Chisholm

This course provides a detailed outline of the installation, configuration and use of the dotProject / Eventum integration. Before you sign up please check the documentation site: as this is a module that is only compatible with a particular dotProject / Eventum version combination.

Why a dotProject / Eventum Interface;
Why Eventum as a Help Desk Option within dotProject;
What happens to Ticketsmith and the add-on Help Desk Module;
Feature Summary;
Installing Add-on Modules;

  • Pre-requisites for Installing an Add-On Module;
  • Download and Position Files;
  • Initialise and Activate the Module;
Configuring Eventum in dotProject;
Enable Module;
Eventum Permissions;
Turning on dotProject Integration in Eventum Project(s);
Assigning Support Contracts to dotProject Companies;
Selecting the Contract;
Associating a dotProject Project and an Eventum Project;
Seeing Eventum Issues from the Project Details Display;
Seeing Eventum Issues from the Task and ToDo Listing.

Price for unlimited access per user - $5.00