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Saki Computer Services are pleased to be able to provide on-line training courses as an add on to dotProject - the open source, free, web-based Project Management tool.

Where cost-possible, as many basic courseware components as possible have been left as free to access for all users (who login as a guest user).

In order to be able to meet the needs of as many of our users as is possible we have training packages that will suit a comprehensive range of user profiles including:

Individual User Packages:

Courseware modules can be purchased on a one by one basis using Paypal to pay a fee to access the course.

Once the course has been purchased it is accessible by that user as often as required.

Should an individual user require a package of courseware that they can identify from the available modules, we will be happy to put together a reduced package price as outlined below.

Commercial Organisations / Multiple User Access:

Because our Courseware automatically includes training records, access records, interactive components and grading we can establish a training package for any organisation that may require such a package.

Training Packages:

There currently courses that, if you took them all (except one which is a duplicated / cutdown special), would be around $70.00 for the lot. We are currently working on another 5 of the larger courses ($10.00 access fee) although I'm not yet 100% sure when they will be released except it should be within the next couple of months.

Alternatively you can subscribe individually to courses as you require them - although I'd strongly suggest that you try one first and make sure they are suiting your needs before you spend too much money.

If you are looking for a package that includes automatic inclusion in the new courses once they are completed then this would be $100.00 although you may have to be tolerant and nudge me with a reminder as the new courses are released - I have a list of people who have subscribed into the future which I diligently try to refer to, alas, I have missed a couple of people in the past as we currently have to do that manually. The future subscription does not, however, come with a guarantee of when the course will be available, although we are working on these modules at present.

These packages include future updates existing courseware - part of the reason we're not guaranteeing availability dates on the remaining courses is that we're also working on existing courseware updates to coincide with an upcoming bug release / upgrade of dotProject.

Paying for Bulk Training Packages

Payment can only be received via paypal - no other payment method is supported.

To pay for one of the bulk packages:

1.  Using paypal forward a payment for the relevant amount to payment@saki.com.au

2.  Send an email to training@saki.com.au with your moodle login included in that as well as an indication of when you purchased the bulk page (a copy of the receipt header will help us match everything up).

3.  We will manually subscribe you to the relevant courses and advise when that is completed.

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